DIGITAL MEDIA provides global Filipinos with their local, regional, national, and international news. From features, entertainment, immigration, business, to in-depth insights and analysis from award winning journalists and industry expert columnists, has provided an affluent, influential audience with information that provokes and inspires action. 

EXPLORE spotlights the growth, development, and progression of a modernizing and fast-changing Philippines with a particular focus on travel, investment, retirement, medical tourism, culture, and living.


Whether you’re searching for your next travel destination, delicious food, or the perfect setting for a night out with friends, you’ll find what you’re looking for in's collection of the very best places to experience throughout the country. Discover over 1,000 amazing places to see and things to do throughout the country.



The mission and vision of the Balikbayan Program is to strengthen Filipino identity, Filipino communities throughout the World, and create a connection with the Philippines and its people.The Balikbayan Program was created to inspire Filipinos all over the World to travel, study, retire, shop, invest, and experience all the gems of the Philippines.Whether it is your honeymoon, anniversary, wedding, reunion, summer break from school, humanitarian work, retirement planning, or investment opportunities you are looking for, the Balikbayan Program has incredible options for you and all the information you need. 

The Asian Journal Media Group, in cooperation with the Philippine Departments of Tourism (DOT) and Trade and Industry (DTI), is the organizer of the "Travel, Trade, and Consumer Expo" which takes place annually in Los Angeles. The 2-day expo provides opportunities for the public and private sector to not only promote and grow their products and programs, but to also connect and collaborate. 


The Love of Country Ambassadors Program provides women and men with the opportunity to rediscover their Philippine cultural identity, roots, and history.

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